Ed Tatton | Stamford, USA – Discovery 1 V8

Ed Tatton is a Land Rover enthusiast through and through. He is the admin of the highly popular Land Rover Owners Facebook page and is actively involved with the NELRC (North East Land Rover Club) in Conneticut, USA. You’ll have to wait for the book to read the story and to see the amazing pic […]

Terry Brophy | Kilkenny, Ireland – 2004 Discovery 2 TD5

Another person that responded to the “model call” on the Land Rover Owners Irleland (LROI) facebook page was Terry Brophy. Terry is a farmer in Kilkenny, Ireland but he’s far from “just a farmer”. Terry is a downhill mountain biker, a kayaker, a mountain rescue volunteer and a previous competitor of the Land Rover G4 Challenge. […]

Sean Cunningham | Dublin, Ireland – 2003 Defender 110 DC

I put out a “model call” on the Land Rover Owners Irleland (LROI) facebook page and Sean contacted me within a few minutes. He was keen to meet up, have some photos taken of him and his Land Rover and share some stories of his relationship with Sieux (pronounced Sue) his lady Land Rover. Sean drove […]

James Fox | Wexford, Ireland – 1974 Series III SWB

When I drive ANYWHERE I am always scanning the area for Land Rovers, not because I want to buy everything I see (although that would be nice) but rather because seeing a Land Rover makes the trip just that much better. I spotted James’ Series III SWB while on a Sunday cruise with the family […]

Knut Kaliff | Mölle, Sweden – 1990 Defender 90 300TDI

One of my photographic assignments was to Ängelholm in Sweden so I put a note on a Swedish Land Rover Facebook page looking for some volunteers for a photo shoot for the book. A few days later I received an email from Knut who agreed to pick me up from my hotel and take me for […]

Andrew MacGillivray | Inverness, Scotland – 1982 Series III 88″

I met Andrew while on a short visit to my sister in Inverness, Scotland. I mentioned to my brother in-law that it would be great to do a photo shoot for my book to which he replied “I know just the guy…” A phone call was made and the shoot organised for the next day. […]