One of my photographic assignments was to Ängelholm in Sweden so I put a note on a Swedish Land Rover Facebook page looking for some volunteers for a photo shoot for the book. A few days later I received an email from Knut who agreed to pick me up from my hotel and take me for a drive in his very unique Defender called Lukas. Which he bought in Namibia many years ago.

On our drive to the harbour village of Mölle with his dog called Tail, Knut shared some very interesting stories spanning his 60 year relationship with Land Rovers (such as the time he rescued some Swedish Policemen in a Volvo who had got them selves horribly stuck in the snow). The best story of all though involved a mid Swedish winter, a lot of snow, a station master and a very pregnant woman. 

You’ll have to wait for the book to read Knut’s story and to see the amazing pic that we selected from the shoot.