About the author

I am a South African photographer now based in Inverness, Scotland. For the past 15 years, I have shot assignments all over the world from Argentina to Canada and South Africa to Sweden. Photography is what I love, it gives me the freedom to travel the world and get creative. Land Rovers are my passion. 

My love for Land Rovers started when I was very young but it wasn’t until a day when I was shooting a multi day cycling tour in the Tuli block (a very remote wilderness area that spans across Botswana and Zimbabwe). The Land Rover club of South Africa provided radio and vehicular support for the event due to the remote nature of the area. 

The day before the event started, all vehicles had to cross the Limpopo River which was about 100m wide. I took some great photos of the vehicles crossing the river and many more during the following week. Taking photos of Land Rovers doing what they were designed to to do. 

I realised on that trip that there was so much more to Land Rovers than what they were designed to do. Land Rovers and their owners have a relationship like no other vehicle and it’s owner. You could almost say that Land Rovers were living beings building lifelong memories with their owners. It is as if Land Rovers have a Soul.

After having spent a solid week in Land Rovers and amongst Land Rovers owners I knew that I had to produce a book that told the amazing stories that make Land Rover ownership not just about transport but about an extension of your lifestyle and your family.

From then on, Land Rovers have become such a huge part of my life. In 2012 my wife (Cheries) and I started a Land Rover event in South Africa called Landy Festival where we organised the longest Land Rover convoy the world has ever seen… It was 24km long and consisted on 1006 Land Rovers (check out the video here). We never got the Guinness World Record due to some technicalities in vehicle following distances but we know that we smashed the existing record which at that time was 347 Land Rovers. 

A few years later I was involved with helping a record attempt at Billing Off Road Show we did break the existing record and set a new record of 640 Land Rovers (albeit a lot lower than 1007 Land Rovers) and I got a Guinness World Record certificate after all. 

Cheries and I now own and run a company called G.O.Y.A. Adventures. We rent out Land Rovers fully kitted for camping adventures in the Scottish Highlands. G.O.Y.A. stands for Get Off Your Arse.